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Do you dream the dream of a beautiful, dense and long hair?

With our innovative methods for hair lengthening and thickening we fulfill this dream and conjure you the hairstyle you've always wanted.
Hair extension and hair thickening is a specialty in our Hair by PACO Salon's (currently not in Bonn). We advise you comprehensively, according to your wishes and type to our different methods of hair extension and conjure up your dream hairstyle.
We carry the title - Master of Greath Lengths -
Since 1998 we work exclusively with the world market leader Great Lengths, the company in real hair extension and compression.
Stunning and gorgeous looks through a hair lengthening and thickening.
Great Lengths - hair extension, the dream of <br> breathtakingly beautiful hair.
No matter what look you prefer, your new hair lengthening and thickening can be quite usual screw in your own hair to air dry, blow dry and style. Through our methods and perfect precise way our employees trained your hair extension is indistinguishable from your own hair.
With us you get a hair extension with the methods of the world leaders.
We carry the Greath Lengths techniques:
GL - Ultrasonic Touch
GL - tapes
GL volume
We offer a professional hair lengthening and thickening, with the products of the world's leading companies in this field. For both methods, only selected human hair is placed highest quality in your own hair.

Greath Lengths is particularly gentle technique by ultrasonic method by which each strand is incorporated perfectly into your hair.

The innovative method "System Volume" of a vibrant volume, color and length of construction is possible in less than an hour.

Whichever method you choose for your hair lengthening and thickening. Our team conjures up the way you like beautiful and always naturally shiny and falling hair creations. From complete voluminous hair extension to gorgeous hairstyle with highlights and color effects, we do everything possible.
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