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Purism meets elegance in white
With his hair salon in Cologne Comino Paco Lopez sets new standards around your hair and makes it into the heart and the spirit of its inhabitants.
Fantastic business in white. This store is a must for connoisseurs estetische. By desingte in white furnishings are a flowing impression of spacelessness by the mirror effect further strengthened. To Grasp ends with a soothing green terrace.
The features of his Cologne hairdressers gives the impression of spacelessness, which is supported by the mirror effect and running through the spacious parlor. To Grasp ends with a quiet leafy terrace and bar A real eye-catcher are the wonderful comfortable armchair in brown crocodile leather.

Of course, at the Cologne hair salon Hair by PACO is the professional nails on offer that on the cozy gallery overlooking the salon has its place. Those with a very intimate atmosphere takes in separate VIP Salon space.
In the impressive setting star stylist Paco Lopez Comino sets his team the latest hair trends from the fashion capitals of the fashion world for their type in both aspirational and everyday hairstyles.
With all the glamor and sophistication, in the Cologne Hair Salon Hair by Paco, the upscale service is paramount. True to the motto "the customer is king" is here, in a relaxed atmosphere, a high value placed on the detailed discussions with customers.