Comino Paco Lopez has achieved in recent years, the reputation of a professional hairdresser equally as successful entrepreneur. With his hair salon HAIR BY PACO he is in the Bonner Center for over 10 years, the reference in the premium segment when it comes to hair and styling.
As one of Germany's few Intercoffeure Comino Paco Lopez set the tone for European hairstyle trends and leading role in the industry. "For me and my team, it is important through ongoing training in technology and trends forward to be there" said Comino Paco Lopez, who can regularly be as professional and motivational speaker passes at international seminars. Paco Lopez Comino is also internationally known for fashion shoots, show performances and presentations by innovative cutting and coloring techniques.

Batin Demirkol partner and co-owner of HAIR BY PACO in Bonn, runs the business since 2008. After visiting numerous academies and international developments of 2008, he made his masterpiece and shines at HAIR BY PACO always with the latest color and hairstyle trends.