HAIR BY PACO impresses not only with TRADITIONAL SKILLS

Comino Paco Lopez is one of the most prestigious in its field Topakteuren. For over 20 years, leads the head barber shops and trendiest sets the trends of the major fashion capitals for its manifestation (s) concerned in order to both aspirational and everyday hairstyles.

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Wherever the latest trends is presented Paco Lopez Comino at the start. Regularly the prestigious hairstylist seminars, shows and training sessions attended throughout Europe in order to keep them informed of the latest hair fashions to date. Here he is interested not only the major fashion capitals such as London, Milan or Paris. "Very exciting developments are also currently out of the former Eastern Bloc countries, such as from Moscow and Prague. Another source of inspiration for me, La Movida '- a movement of young, very extroverted and flamboyant artists from Spain, the surprise with unusual design ideas. "

A 'normative' hair fashion is discernible among these various urban influences any more. "I would rather speak of styles as set of trends. Currently popular are rich, warm brown or blonde shades. The locks are not so plastic, but creating in iridescent shades of very soft, smooth transitions. In addition, the hairstyles are more compact and dense and not as frayed as in past years. "This model is the elegant and refined, New York-style 'as defined by the style icons wearing the cocktail bars and lounges, trendy metropolis.

With all the glamor and sophistication to the hairstyles for Comino Paco Lopez, not least, also be suitable for days. "Every customer should be able to style their hair easily at home and feel good in the long term with the new hairstyle." Is therefore for him and his team the qualified counseling in a very relaxed atmosphere in the first place.

"I'm finding out in detail about the claims and expectations of my Kund (s) concerned and that you then go into very personal look." It was crucial to create harmonies and underline by a type-specific hairstyle to the beauty ideal. Many women end up surprised at what can make a creative hand and a perfect cutting technology and confirm: "You are the first hairdresser who tells me what to me real." Meanwhile, his unique sense of color and form itself from the academic side recognized. Comino Paco Lopez of the University of the Arts awarded the Luca Master of Art '.

Since its inception in Bonn could Comino Paco Lopez his company is constantly expanding. For its headquarters on the market in Aachen, he has now got expert help on board. He benefits from its own young talent. Because Joffrey Wolff, since January 2006, co-owner of Hair by Paco is employed for nine years at the Topsalon. Comino Paco Lopez shares with his new business partner, not only the creativity and craftsmanship, but also a passion for the finer things in life: "I do feel our Kund (s) concerned, we have fun at what we do. And what could be better than working in his dream job. "
The success of Hair by Paco continues ...